Шахар Вайсер: «Возможно, бизнес Gett ждет история Amazon»

Шахар Вайсер: «Возможно, бизнес Gett ждет история Amazon»


— And in all the countries where the brand and its category is already registered? They become pizzimenti or doing nails (laughs). — New categories we will discuss in July, but I promise a premium product at an affordable price. New professions Gett
— Why GetTaxi goes to new markets? When we say «I need a plumber» or «need to pick up the Laundry» nobody expects the execution of the order within five minutes and workers have much less. — In December, we closed the last, a very large round of $150 million, which was earmarked for development, and financial we feel completely comfortable. — And who will deliver pizza and other food? When you order the «Gett Pizza», the quality will be like and what we usually do, above the market average and at an affordable price. — And your new specialists in manicure and Laundry also have to connect to the positioning system, so that they can obtain the nearest order? — Does this mean that you already have contracts with suppliers of goods and services? — Worldwide app will turn into a Gett. The shed in the cloud
— Today some clear how the company is working in taxi: there is a system that provides the challenge, the passage of the order, defining the driver’s position, payment and deduction of the share of GetTaxi. In my house many floors, and downstairs every evening mountain of boxes from Amazon. The important thing now is to deploy technology to rebrand the company. Does this mean that you will get a new round and, if so, from whom and in what amount? — Do you offer new services to the same audience… GetTaxi will be Gett, and it is very important that people understand what a wave of innovation will come to them. There’s been a lot of doubts: who’s in it and whether to use this? In addition, the company is already profitable in all countries, except America. This, of course, I abstract pictures brought. Therefore, we are ready to abandon a strong brand GetTaxi, reducing it to Gett that will become very popular in the combinations «Gett Pizza», «Gett Massage», «Gett anything»… — We were doing it in secret from the world, but shareholders certainly knew about it and approved this strategic step. But if the market manicure is, roughly speaking, 500 rubles, it will cost 500 rubles, and not 500 rubles plus 2000 rubles per trip nut-Coconut. — So, to enable you to organize training, training, Gett need to learn new skills? — But taxi — this is a unified product, and the rest are divided into weight categories… Are not our taxi drivers. — It turns out that while your user is not going to change anything except the name? So we don’t need more money, and those that are, go to the development in new York, and now in the launch of new service categories. Your taxi will also be involved in delivery? — Choose partners? But how will this work in new directions? the Web application also change the name, there will be sections for all services. For companies rebranding — big shock, which can only be solved in the case of adoption of strategic decisions. And here need our work for Gettaxi. It will be like what happened with Amazon, which, by creating a virtual store for CDs and books, I realized that his power is not in those goods, and that the people are comfortable to use this service to search, purchase, logistics, delivery. We connect consumers with the service providers and take Commission from the contractor. Explain what it is. — This is already done. Then Amazon made a strategic decision to become a better retailer and has expanded to the point that when I’m in new York, I’m in the stores do not go and order all of them. Developed so far as a mobile service, taxi call, the company plans in July to start entering new markets: home delivery of food and products, beauty (beauty), home repair, washing and cleaning. For example, we select performers — if GetTaxi drivers, create pricing, customer support, billing… — Nothing unusual. Each new category is self-sufficient and living by his principles. — As this term was accepted by the shareholders? — Last year Gettaxi reported that in new York through your partner WunWun can be booked directly at the time of filing machine flowers or pizza — anything. We are at a very advanced technological stages, and relationships with those with whom we want to run, already established. Possibly business Gett waiting for the story Amazon. — How long have you been preparing for these changes? Exactly. But, for example, if we are talking about food, we don’t mean delights for gourmets, and the fact that people would quickly buy and get: pizza, sushi, wine, chocolate, groceries… — Not so. the same approach we apply to the new «verticals»: will select the best providers of beauty services — manicures, massages and other consumer services, conduct training, how to work with the client, we will count available for the maximum number of people pricing… — On April 28 the company will build muscle, in preparation for the launch of new categories. — However, all this is a big shakeup for the company that requires a serious investment. After some time, the transport may become for us the same as them books and CDs, to 5% of the business. — From an existing state? And the day will start Gett a pizza delivery or a manicure, a very large chunk of those markets instantly goes to us, simply because we already have an active audience. We have long been in use beautiful design, which gives the system flexibility. But with partners, for example, in the category of beauty and the other will be something very similar to what we do with drivers: a plurality of individual professionals — hairdressers, massage therapists — must be to qualify, certification training and become a part of the system. And since July Gett will begin to turn into a platform that allows people to save time on basic household services. Transport — the first area of our business and here we have an expertise. From April 28 start a global rebranding. When you order GetTaxi, machines come different, but the same rate, and the quality is satisfactory. — And what kind of marketing campaign you will have to change the brand? We give to our customers and the market signals that want to lead the taxi market and to expand in new directions. — The company today employs more than 350 people, and from them we got twenty, that whole year was engaged in the development of technologies that in one application you can choose one of the classes of services and specific service. We invented the wheel, and just «built» in mass transport Economics and offered the best solution. At each of the four markets, and especially in three new, we will develop a variety of categories. The GetTaxi service expands the set of their «professions». The more will be entered categories, the more the system itself will increase the size of the cloud. www.forbes.ru — That is you will have pizza with seafood or pepperoni or pizza 6 cheese», and there would be some average pizza? — To new verticals our drivers will not have any relationship. — A year ago we took a strategic decision and created a secret team, which includes the best specialists in product development and technology. If a person says, «Bring me a pizza» — and a certain company brings, it’s a simple delivery. From July we will start to launch the first category of services. — We use a cloud solution, and the whole system is much more complex and interesting. And we’ll him best, because, as with taxi drivers, we will be able to fill his day orders, and how many of them accept their choice. Because we and drivers don’t teach driving, and recruit ready, test their professional skills, learn how to greet the customer, how to deal with him…  

In 2010 we founded the company to help people save time and be more efficient in trips [in the city]. To a client, the wizard gets himself, and it is reasonable to assume that she will use again for our taxi. It will be included in the bill. From the point of view of the new markets we are going to use the same principle and change them as you Having changed the transport. A vertical market is when we offer everyone needs a unified product. — You are absolutely right. — Yes. Beauty Gett that we already have a multimillion-dollar financial active audience who have installed our app, while driving on the taxi. This development will be used for new categories. For example, in the New year or on 1 server may have «inflated» depending on load. — Any changes will not. Petersburg, new York, London and tel Aviv. — And insert it in the bill? And it’s not books and CDs, and any goods. New services should appear wherever the company operates in 32 cities, including Moscow, St. — In Russia we have chosen partners? — What will change on April 28 in our own applications? — Can you tell? — In Russia chose. — Of course. Founder of Gettaxi Shahar waiser told Forbes about big changes at the company. — We will talk about it in July. — Does this mean that you would dramatically increase server farm? — Let’s take as an example a manicure. We realized an evolution of vertical markets. But today it is commonplace. But unlike drivers, which we test a lot — from 2000 to 4000 a month in other markets specialists will be needed less. We didn’t invent it, but we use this beautiful solution. The company will be referred to Gett, and each direction will have the same prefix: «Gett sushi», «Gett manicure Gett repair», etc.



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